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Super Bowl 2022

Owned the product strategy and design vision for Rocket Homes' first ever Super Bowl ad campaign, with little to no context, and lots of late nights.

Thriving in ambiguity

I was tasked with defining and conceptualizing the product strategy and design vision for the landing page without any access to marketing material or concepts since nothing would be finalized till closer to Super Bowl. To ensure we had enough time to iterate, develop, and test I had to design in the dark. These were the winning concepts I presented to C-suite leadership teams to get buy in.


Use the chevrons below the mockup to view the different concepts.


Halfway through the design process I was told that this would now be a joint effort between and So I had to revise and reiterate to meet these new requirements. As the lead designer on the co-branded landing page I partnered with Marketing and Engineering to ensure alignment on all creative. I led multiple presentations to C-Suite leadership teams, got creative approvals, and led creative sessions making UI and UX decisions to connect the threads between business and user needs.

Addtional touchpoints

Created various digital touchpoints throughout the product experience to tie the threads between both and Designed homepage banner ads for Super Bowl offer promotion.

Designed novelty listings to tie the threads between the marketing campaign and product.

Key learnings and takeaways

I learned how to thrive in ambiguity. Designing something out of nothing with little to no context was a challenge that I rose to successfully.


This was an interesting project since many teams touched on it across two companies. As the lead designer I ensured Engineering and Design at both companies were at key meetings or informed of the ever changing details.

Choose your battles wisely

Due to the nature of this project and its accelerated timeline I really had to pick and choose my battles. There were a lot of cool things I wanted to implement but we just didn't have the time or technical capacity. However that didn't stop me from pushing the boundaries.

Full case study available on request.


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